Cloud Computing Part I

Cloud computing, for all intents and purposes, is delivering media to consumers without having to tax the bandwidth of said consumers. And by taxing, I mean Consumers having to keep copies of purchased media. A lot of people confuse Downloadable games with Cloud Media. A downloadable game is just that. It’s a file stored on your HD, and your HD is considered physical media in this discussion. Cloud Computing is self explanatory as well, all of the physical data as well as the computing, or the work that your PS3/360 does, is done on a server somewhere on a cloud.

So what does cloud computing mean for you? Do you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu or Vudu via Game Console? Do you have a Youtube account or watch youtube videos regularly? Do you play MMO’s have a STEAM account or regularly purchase items in PlayStation®Home? Well chances are, you’ve already invested in Cloud Computing! I say that because all of the applications mentioned above have servers that do the work that your Computer or Game Console would normally do. Did your really think you Downloaded that “Magic the Gathering” Space in 2 Minutes? wonkwoooNNNK!!!

You’ve probably heard some rumblings about the next console generation turning to cloud computing. Here’s the thing, in order for cloud computing to work for gaming consoles, every consumer investing in it would need a HighSpeed internet connection. So, since my hamster wheel connection isn’t up to pare, I doubt if we will be seeing a full implementation of Cloud Gaming in the near future. With that being said, no one can ignore the bold step that PlayStation is taking towards the tech. In case you don’t know, PlayStation®Plus Subscribers will be able save their games on a Cloud.

I would also like for you guys to take a long look at the service called Onlive. Onlive is a gaming platform completely invested in CloudComputing, and it works!


  1. Jim777
    25 Feb 2011, 3:44 pm

    OnLive is a major game changer, for anyone to be able to literally just hit play now on something like Just Cause 2 and instantly be playing it on their PC even ifs some craptop laptop is just super nice. Add to that the fact that they can play that game on their laptop, TV via the micro console, mac, someone else PC, etc etc and you can see how this blows what we currently have out of the water.

  2. Bernard
    25 Feb 2011, 3:57 pm

    I think its ahead of its time. five years from now though with all thats going down with hacking and what not, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this format as the industry standard or at least playing a major roll in it.

  3. Beta
    26 Feb 2011, 9:28 pm

    This is a good article. I think that there are both advantages and disadvantages to cloud computing. The one thing that I think will be an advantage with having your save in the “cloud” is to be able to retrieve your profile or resume your saved game at a friends house. Without having to carry around a memory stick, or in some cases your entire system or hdd.

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