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If you are interested in being a writer for a well known magazine that feature’s current events within PlayStation Home — Gamer Indepth is offering you the opportunity to be part of our team. We are looking for dedicated people inside PlayStation Home to fill different available positions for the re-creation of HOMEstyle MAGAZINE. For those who have never heard of HOMEstyle MAGAZINE, it is a magazine originally created by NJRAMAL – “Founder and Creator of HOME Style Magazine.” HOMEstyle MAGAZINE was created to cover all aspects of PlayStation HOME – From current events in Home — Home fashion, Clubs within Home, People within Home, Game Reviews, Space Reviews, Cover Stories, to Glitching, and much more.

So if you’re interested in writing and submitting PlayStation HOME related articles for our current HOMEstyle MAGAZINE Blog supported through Gamer Indepth, or if you’re just interested in submitting articles with no prior commitment you can also do so, please go ahead and review the available positions below, and send me a mock up article of your work via-email, and notify me, as to what position you are interested in applying for. The following people who apply for these positions must be able to speak English fluently, have good English grammar, and be able to write well.

Available Positions


Editor – (Must be fluent in English and have good writing skills)

Must check all articles submitted by the writers, for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Must be able follow up with all the writers, and make sure that all writers submit their articles before their deadlines. Must make sure to correct all articles on time and re-submit them to the writers so they can post them by the due dates. Must be able to help the Editor “n” Chief assign writing assignments.


Game Review Writer – (Must be familiar with Gaming)

Duties include — writing about the latest games for the PS3 console on a monthly basis. Giving your personal opinions about each game. Also rating each game from a scale of 1-10.

Space Review Writer

Duties include — writing about the newest public spaces inside PSHOME. Give a full detailed space review, include a full description about the space (include games, clothes, etc inside the space) Give a personal opinion about the space.

Personal Space Review Writer

Duties include – writing about every new Personal Space within PlayStation Home. Give Decorating tips. Find people with a fixed up Personal Space, and interview them. Give your personal review and opinions about each space.

Home Fashion Writer

Duties include — keeping our readers updated with the latest fashion in PSHOME for both male and female avatars. Must be able to provide your own models for your Fashion reviews, (Both male and female) Models you use for your articles, must have all the latest HOME fashions. Must also be able to take a lot of photos for your fashion articles, talking about the dos and don’ts in HOME fashion. Must be able to provide our readers with detailed articles about ALL the Latest and hip fashions in Home.


Club Review Writer  (must be active in the Club Scene)

Duties include – writing a personal review about the most popular clubs in PlayStation Home. For Ex: Glitch Clubs, Dance Clubs, Family Clubs, Homelings, Etc. Must always have fresh new stories, interview club owners, talk about the clubs and give your personal opinions about each club.

PSHOME New’s Writer

Writer must keep our reader’s posted on the latest events in Home News – Must include the following updates… For Ex: Best Seller’s in home (furniture, Clothing, Etc.) What people think about the new home updates, what are people favorite spaces etc. Include news from other regions. Keep us updated in current events in home, such as Game launching, events planned by clubs, or Home management. Anything that is news’s worthy, you can write about, Must be able to play reporter.

 Comic’s Writer

Must be able to supply Home related Comic strips to be featured in HOME style Magazine.

Cover Story Writer

Writer must be able to seek out good cover stories that are cover worthy. Must be able to seek out exciting interviews that will be considered for our main feature story and magazine cover. Must be able to set up interviews, with Space Developers, Game Developers, and have good research skills. Must find good people to interview, anything related within PlayStation Home. Writer must provide Interviews that will catch our reader’s attention and are good enough to be featured on the cover. Must be very detailed on every interview that you chose to be featured in our cover.

Layout Artist, and Advertisements Creator (Must be knowledgeable in Photoshop, or Gimp, and have access to the program)

 Duties include – getting people to advertise themselves on our magazine, This includes creating advertisement from photo shop, Using an 8 ½   sheet in photo shop to create these advertisements. Advertisements will include the following: Clothing Stores in Home, latest furniture, Advertisements that’s people send us, for example advertisements of their websites, clubs, etc. It would be your duty to make all advertisements look presentable and professional. Professional enough to be added inside the magazine. Also as a layout artist, it would be your duty to do the layouts for all articles submitted by the writers and create professional looking layout displays of each writer finished articles in an 8 ½ sheet PDF, which will then be constructed into an online magazine.

Logo Creator

Must be able to create a clean looking Logo for HOMEstyle MAGAZINE, and be knowlodgeable in Photo shop, and Layouts.

Web Designer

Must be able to create a website from scratch, and provide an online magazine, and a domain to have our reader’s link easily to the online magazine. Must be able to provide maintenance to the website as needed. Must always keep in communication with the head of production, and keep us informed of any web updates.

To apply for the following positions, please provide a mock up of your work Via-Email, to the following email provided. fec@gamerindepth.com  Once we receive your article submissions, they will each be reviewed by the person in charge of the re-production of HOMEstyle MAGAZINE – Which is “DeviousHeart” along with me Elite_Shadow_FEC, “Team Manager,” NJRAMAL “Founder,” and the rest of the Gamer Indepth staff. Please provided an email, and PSN ID along with your mock  up article and info, on the position you are applying for, so we can reach you and let you know if you have been selected to be part of the Gamer indepth Team of Writers. Please only apply if you are truly dedicated in writing and you are able to submit articles in a month to month basis or sooner.

Post by: Elite_Shadow_FEC, Gamer Indpeth Staff, and Team Manager of HOMEstyle Magazine.

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