Replay with Doc ft Jack Buser Director of PlayStation®Home

Doc had a Chance to catch up to the Director of Playstation Home Jack Buser. Jack talks about client 1.5. Sodium2, Scribble Shooter and hints at a FPS coming to PSHOme.



  1. TBaby
    18 Jul 2011, 9:47 pm

    Great interview and TY Doc_Gamer for catching up with Jack Buser. This is a little late since E3 was last month, but ik how we can get busy, especially after a convention like that. This does remind me that one of the reasons the Sodium 2 racer game is so great is because of how it leverages v1.5 of PS Home, which contained many changes for developers. Cool interview again.

  2. SpdRcr55
    18 Jul 2011, 9:49 pm

    Great interview from E-3. Had to jump to Vimeo to watch it uninterupted by stutter with the GI website. I would have liked less background noise but you can make out Jack’s comments and let’s hope that Central Plaza gets a Sniper Game to pick off gamers in Home…LOL… Or even put it in the Personal Spaces like the Harbour Studio or the new “Winter Chalet” where you could pull the Oregon Trail Hunting experience by shooting Elk and other Woodland game for food in the freezer.

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