Extra Life

Gamers can be some of the most generous people around, and no where is that more clear then charity.

Programs like the Humble Inide Bundle have raised over 2 million dollars for great charities. But big things like this take time planning and manpower, not just anyone can go and run their own charity event.

That is where Extra Life comes in, this charity lets players pledge to play for 24 hours and collect donations to a charity of their choosing, its a great cause and this year I and many others are taking part.

You can find my page here: http://tinyurl.com/Jim777Chairty

I will be playing multiplayer when i can, and would love to play with my supporters as well as GI fans! Simply head to my page to see the list of games i have. As i get closer to the date of the event (October 15th) ill hammer out specific times for the games people want to play with me :)


Other G.I. Staff may hop on board as well, so keep it locked on the blog for more info.

Any donation helps :)