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Genre(s): Open World
Publisher(s): THQ
Developer: Volition Inc
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Hey Jim how did you have time to play Saints Row when Skyrim is out?

Well my good sir I took about 2 days away from Skryim to beat this game, and that is some damn high praise.

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Video games are an entertainment medium, like movies, books, art, etc. Some movies tell deep thought provoking tales of love, adventure, and discovery of ones self. Others feature explosions, hot women, fast cars, over the top action and funny jokes. Saints row is very much in the latter category.

The first thing you have to understand about Saints Row is that it is not here to give you anything but crazy over the top hilarious gameplay. And it does this in spades, and no other game will keep a grin on your face like Saints Row. This is a game where it is normal to fly in a transforming jet, jump out, base jump to the ground, whip out a sword and cut off someones head, do a dance, throw a fart jar, and much much more.


If you played Saints Row 2 cool, but if not it doesn’t matter one bit. This game stands alone and the only way it relates to past games is in returning characters. The background is that your gang, The Third Street Saints have taken over your hometown of Stilwater. You have since become famous, have billions, and are living the sweet life. However an evil rival group called the Syndicate gets you shiped over to their hometown of Steelport, steals all your money, and leaves you to squirm.

The story is mainly here to provide you with a reason to go places and just blow & mess $#@! up in fantastic ways, and while no medals will be given to the writers the story does its job and does it decently.

The games main story missions are also very plentiful, and the game may last you a good while depending on how much side content you do. I clocked in at about 18 hours.


This is where your bread and butter is, Saints Row is about one thing. Choices. Not in the RPG sense of making choices to change the story, but choices in how you want to play. You can customize almost everything you touch in the game, your character, your cars, your cribs, your guns, and more. You chose what you want to do and when you want to do it.

In Saints Row 2 you had to complete activities to advance the story, that is no longer the case. All the activities of saints row 2 are back, with many more, and are all over the city for you to do whenever you want. Doing them gives you money and respect, both of which you need to upgrade yourself and your gang.

Want your homie to deliver your car right to you wherever you are in the city? Your gonna need respect. Want to call reaper drone strikes on your enemies? Your gonna need cash. The best part is that if you cant beat an activity or dont like one kind of activity you dont have to do it. You can go do another one you like more, or just continue the main story.


Saints Row has all your standard set of weapons and vehicals, pistols, shotguns, SMGs, RPGs, mind control octopus bazookas, shark shotguns, you know the normal stuff. Guns in the game can be leveled up with cash as well, so that pistol of yours may end up shooting expolsive electric rounds by the end of the game.

Vehicles are  a blast in Saints Row, cars jets, helicopters, tanks, and some things that dont fit any of those names will be at your disposal in the game. You can outfit you cars with many many mods at shops, as well as rearrange almost all of the parts to your liking. Of course I just flew everywhere I went, and by the end of the game you will have more advanced tactical vehicles then some countries.

You can even have all of your toys delivered to you, so should something go wrong and you need to get out of a sticky situation you could phone in your tank. Dont feel like stealing a slow car to get home? Have your buddy drop you off your customized super sports ar with nitro.



Steelport is a big place, with lots of areas to see and things to  do. However the city does suffer a bit because of this.  Streets may feel empty, cars will pop in around you as you  drive, and overall it creates that infamous Truman show  effect if the world only being around you. But it gets the job  done, and when your in massive shootouts with gangs or the  police the game will not hesitate to fill your screen with action.

In the end Saints Row really wants to do one thing, give you some toys and let you have your own fun in the world they have made for you. And its great fun to do that in the pretty city of Steelport


Saints Row has some unique online functionality, it has complete co op for the entire single player game so your buddy can drop in at anytime. It also has Whored mode. Its like Hord mode but with whores and is HILARIOUS. For these you will need an Online pass that comes  with the game new, or will cost you $9.99 on the PSN or Xbox market should you buy it used.

The game also lets you upload your character to saintsrow.com where you can then go and tag any other creations you like to have in your game.

The game even has a screenshot function that uploads any shots taken to the saints row website.

Closing Notes

If you want a game that will make youlaugh, if you want to have a ton of fun, if you want to slap people in the face with a baseball bat sized dildo, then this is the game for you. Saints Row knows what it is, knows its humor, and knows how to do what it does very very well.

Some quick notes to wrap up:

[easyreview title="Saints Row The Third (PS3) " icon="star2" cat1title="Gameplay" cat1detail="Turn the hilarious to 11" cat1rating="9" cat2title="Presentation" cat2detail="The game looks good, its nothing to write home about but it does the job and the story is hilarious and silly (in  a good way)." cat2rating="8" cat3title="Length" cat3detail="I clocked 18 hours, far longer then I thought I would and I am yet to touch half of the side content!" cat3rating="9"]

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  1. TBaby
    17 Nov 2011, 1:40 pm

    Great Review Jim! TY for posting this. I got this game at midnight of the release date and love it. It will be a while before I finish the game and i still need to finish U3 too, but what i seen so far, I really like. Can’t wait to play more and try out the co-op too :D

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