On February 14th the demo by SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd, for the much anticipated third person, squad shooter Binary Domain™ was released to western markets for PlayStation®3 gamers. Today February 15th marks the day that the demo will come full circle and be offered to Xbox 360® gamers.

Where does the machine end and humanity begin?

2080 AD Tokyo, Japan. The Amada Corporation break Geneva Code, Clause 21 by creating humanoid robots that believe themselves to be human. These so-called Hollow Children have infiltrated the human population, blurring the lines between man and machine. Dan Marshall and the Rust Crew are tasked to find Amada at all costs. Will the team’s human bond be their greatest strength or will they fall to the machines?

Noteworthy Features of the Game:


      1. The Consequence System
Under the pressures of battle every action, every choice and every word affects everything

       2. Procedural Damage
Fully destructible and highly resilient robots adapt to the damage they sustain encouraging you to analyze each enemy, find their weaknesses and dispose of them in the most efficient way

        3. A new take on futuristic Tokyo
Experience dual layered Tokyo with a run down and derelict lower city and a clean and affluent upper city

        4. Weapon modification and skill selection
Alongside a full armory of unique weapons, put emphasis on the skills that will benefit you

        5. Fully immersive multiplayer
A wide range of versus and co-op modes allow your experience to be expanded online


Players will experience the world of Binary Domain by playing through two of the Rust Crew’s early missions set in near future Tokyo. You’ll take command of Dan Marshall and work together with a squad of teammates from an elite international task-force who watch and react to your every move. Gamers will have to fight highly intelligent robotic opponents and will also get the chance to try out Binary Domain’s ground breaking Consequence System. This system allows you to interact with and influence teammates in a variety of ways never before seen in a third person shooter, By using voice recognition in combat and non-combat situations players have a more natural dialogue with their allies, one which affects their behavior and attitude.

Are the robots becoming more humanistic, or are humans becoming more robotic?

Binary Domain puts players in the middle of an action packed and intensified battle for humanity itself in robot-invaded Tokyo in the futuristic year of 2080. Fighting through the poverty stricken lower levels of the city that have been bombarded by climate change which has thrown the entire economic system of the once infamous city, players control an international squad of want-to-be peacekeepers that soon start to question their surroundings and the choices they are making at every turn. Binary Domain is a pioneering third-person squad shooter from the creators of the Yakuza series. With a central branching storyline, voice recognition in combat and conversation and AAA shooter mechanics Binary Domain offers something genuinely unique to the genre.

Binary Domain’s central theme of life is key to the way the innovative AI system is being developed. The highly advanced AI will make the battlefield a more compelling experience than ever before and players will have to plan their moves strategically and carefully in order to progress through the hostile environments of the game. In the heat of battle, players are strapped to succumb to their  environment and their teammates head-on. Players will learn that there must be trust, communication, teamwork, commitment, and motivation to be able to adapt under pressure and overcome the decisions that they are faced with in real-time. Learning that each action will have a reaction and each choice will surely bring about consequences that will affect future milestones, future tasks, their team, and most importantly themselves. This is a game  where the player is not only playing this time, but in control and responsible for themselves and their team as well. In the end, humans must regain control of Tokyo or risk becoming overtaken by the machines completely. Technology might have brought the world up at one point and made the world a better place, but now its time to take it down in an all out blow-out that will surely come about in an epic conclusion. The only true question is, do you still hold faith in humanity and are you human enough to prevail?

Binary Domain will be available in North America on February 28th, 2012, on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

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