Gangs on PlayStation Home? Pt. 1

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PlayStation Home has been around for a few years and since the early days, it has been home to several “FAMS” (families).  A ’Fam’ in its purest form is a ‘clique’ : … An ‘exclusive’ group of people who usually hang out together, usually sharing common interests.   Some FAMS come with their own ‘dress code’, simple things like wardrobe accessories,  the color of their ‘pop ups’ Etc. They usually have regular meetings in various venues on Home (usually clubhouses).  Most have a type of hierarchy with different dress codes/pop up colors for each level.  Some FAMS tend to have the need to recruit others into joining their FAMS with promises of… “we do not have drama”,  “we just hang out together” etc.

The discussion of ‘FAMS’ in PlayStation Home tend to bring out very volatile reactions from many of us.  Some see FAMS as simply random groups of avatars whose sole purpose is to annoy the rest of the PS Home community ( more on that later…) and some see FAMS as dedicated individuals who share the same idealism(s) and who simply enjoy hanging out together;  examples of these could be but not limited to The Homelings or The Hammies as two primary examples.

The opposite side of FAMS on Home are usually groups of individuals who congregate in different public spaces to battle with other FAMS.  or to bully/harass other avatars. These virtual battles involve chat boxes filled with censored and ad-libbed profanity and creative ‘signatures’ displaying the name or tag of their FAMS for all to see.  Unfortunately for some of these FAMS, the possibility of having their individual accounts suspended or outright banned due to violating Sony PlayStation Home’s TOS has done little to stop such incidents, so many FAMS simply announce “MIKE UP!” (MIC^) which allows them to join a group channel and thereby have a chat battle thereby not having to type anything which lessens the chances of being suspended/banned.

Many PS Home members wish PS Home staff would somehow be able to ‘ban’ FAMS from Home altogether, unfortunately it would more than likely be a case of chopping off one head to have five more appear in its place.  FAMS have a bad rap simply because of the actions of some knuckleheads who sole purpose is to fill some delusion in an alternate reality to be some type of ‘gangster’.  It would be a safe bet that a ‘gangster’ in real life is not going to go around PS Home acting like one.  This is not to say that these FAMS have members in their ranks who probably wouldn’t be able to fight their way out of a paper bag in real life but if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck….   it takes a few to ruin it for everybody else.

I digress… PlayStation Home is a haven for some individuals who simply want to hang out with their friends, play games, Etc. without being asked every five minutes if you want to join their FAM.

It was brought up to my attention that recently, a group within Playstation Home, PSEC (People’s Public PlayStation Security) whose primary purpose is to help improve other people’s experience on Home by doing their best to stop  harrasment by reporting any such cases.  PSEC  wants to improve the reporting system.  All efforts by groups such as PSEC and others like them are welcomed to do their best to curtail the negative element of FAMS on Home.

Being a long time member of our Home community, I can attest to seeing the effects of FAMS on Home firsthand.   It takes a simple trip via your navigator to public spaces such as The PlayGround, Godfather space and even the Dolphy races!!!!  The Playground and Godfather spaces can often be found with FAM members doing their best to encounter problems for themselves and others.  while The Dolphy races tend to have their own permutation of disfunctional FAMS, …fams with even more drama than other FAMS due to inbreeding (in-FAM dating) and cases of who is cheating on who withing the FAMS themselves.

FAMS can be thought of as a very good reason as to why NOT to go on Home as often as one would like simply because one chooses not to be exposed to such offensive behavior and language.  For better or worse, FAMS seem to have become a part of PlayStation Home.


….(on the second installment, OPTIONS for both FAMS and the rest of Home’s population.)


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