Le Chateau Francais Appartement en PS Home

Prendre un voyage avec moi, we can travel down the Champ Elysees. Whilst sipping on a nice glass of 2005 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, we shall dine on Foie Gras. Leave your cares behind as I take you to the French Riviera in my Aston Martin while discussing the nuances of “Les Enfants du paradis” and the films of Truffaut, Carné, and Godard. Wait a minute… You mean to tell me that you’re not a jet setter who drives the fastest cars, has a house in the Hamptons, leads excursions through the rain forrest, and vacations on the South of France, either!?

For those of us not as fortunate as others, at least we have a place to call Home! Now don’t get me wrong, being in Home is nowhere near a substitution for a real vacation. I say get out and experience life and the world as much as you possibly can. Anyone who has been inside of PS Home for a while and had a chance to meet the wide variety of community members knows, that for some this just isn’t financially or even physically possible though. I think it’s great that those people get a chance to live out their fantasies through this virtual world.

Aesthetically the French Chateau space is elegant. When first entering, gamers will find themselves inside of the main hall. The down stairs area is wide open with a series of pillars just over to the side where a gift machine, similar to a few of the currently released private spaces, is on the wall. The free reward to be given to your guests is a “classic pastel painting”, and can be hung in any personal space that is owned. A gold chandelier hangs in the middle of the room with a stairway leading to a pillar ridden balcony. One gripe that I had with the space was a lack of additional rooms. The layout for this space to me, resembled the “Gothic Manor” estate. Once you head outside, is a giant patio area which leads into the garden. The middle of the garden contains an area which if you own all parts of the “Mansion” personal space, a fountain will appear. If you do not, the rectangular shaped basin containing the water still appears. You will also hear the running water from the fountain when you are close to it. This didn’t really bother me though. To both sides of the basin were areas with small benches sitting in front of intricately designed sheared hedges.

While browsing through the comments on blog.us.playstation.com, I ran across a comment from PlayStation Home Community Manager Locust_Star that caught my eye. When asked if the French Chateau would have additional parts added on, akin to the already existing “Mansion”, Locust_Star responded by saying “The French Chateau is one space only to start. Depending on how well it is received, we may end up offering expansions, but for now the plan is for this to be a single, standalone space”. This is interesting and makes me wonder. How much content is being held beck initially, and is the trend of having to purchase personal spaces piece by piece going to continue?

Aside from those concerns, I feel the French Chateau Apartment has a lot of great potential for Home’s users to create some interesting Machinma, and events. With how open the main hall is, I wouldn’t be surprised if creative members of the community start to organize plays or live performances within this space. Garden parties could be thrown outside. When LOOT’s portable EOD is released later this year you can listen to Jazz or Classical music, transforming your Chateau into a virtual Ballroom. Is this space for everyone? No, but not every space is. If you feel that the space is reasonably priced, then I have no problem recommending it.

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