It’s a bird, … It’s a plane, .. No, It’s Tembo the baby elephant companion from Lockwood!

LOCKWOOD has went on an African Safari recently and they have returned with something that can make your heart melt and your friends jealous. No, it is not just any gift like a shirt saying ‘all I got was this shirt’. This is something better and incredibly cute. Meet Tembo, he is a baby elephant with flapping ears, a curious trunk and a swaying tail that would be capable of stomping his way into your heart. That is not the only thing though. Tembo, here, has a neat little trick that he will do for you if you are just patient and quiet enough. Tembo is a baby elephant coming straight from an African Safari or the local Zoo and now he can come home with you or travel all over PlayStation®Home with you, all you have to do is adopt him for your Lockwood store starting this week. But before you do, be sure to check out the video that will show Tembo in action.


Your Cucumber Furniture has now been sliced!

Even though there is no date when this will be available, we are giving you an exclusive sneak peak at the new furniture that is coming to Lockwood. Now there are even more ways to decorate your personal space with the cucumber slice furniture. Slice, the latest range from Cucumber, is their most versatile yet, providing tables and sofas of slot-together shapes that can be combined to solve all your furnishing dilemmas in even the most irregularly shaped apartment! Cucumber isn’t just about eye-popping colors , they also have a strong desire to create useable sets that will help you set the scene in your apartment. Cucumber, since it’s release into the Lockwood store has become a favorite amongst many PlayStation®Home dwellers with their vast line of color selection, and their eye-catching yet very practical and functional style of furnishings. Now with Cucumber Slice, there are ways to be even more creative while decorating and designing your space. Keep an eye out for the Cucumber Slice furniture, coming soon to the Lockwood store!

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