Dark Horse Comics Presents: Resident Alien #2

Release Date: June 27, 2012
Genre(s): comic
Publisher(s): Dark Horse Comics
Developer: Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse
Rating: 8.5
Our Score

Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse have done it again. This second installment of Resident Alien is as good as the first with outstanding graphics and an excellent story line.

As we delve into this next issue, we are taken three years into the past as a shadowy character slips past some oblivious mall guards. The pilot of the now crashed space craft runs through a mental list of supplies to gather from the multitude of stores to ensure his survival on this strange planet as he awaits rescue. Bypassing the simplistic security alarms and computer technology to collect everything he needs isn’t even a second thought as he wonders about his own future in this alien environment.

Then we are transported into the present again and arrive at the grisly scene of the latest murder. The cause of death is obvious and quite matter of fact. There will be no repeat of the loving and packed funeral that the late doctor had. Oh no, not many will miss the retired banker Carter Blaine, in fact most will be happy he is gone.  This time we discover there was an eye witness, but there is huge doubt she will be of any help when the culprit is found.

As Dr. Harry examines the body, his mind begins to ponder just who might be murdering the good, and not so good, folks of this close knit town.

While the attorney for the current suspect attempts to wrangle his release from jail, another citizen find herself at the optometrist having her eyes checked. Her vision is perfect, so why is his face blurry sometimes? Perhaps her father can shed some light on the question.

Oddly enough, Dr. Harry seems to be settling into his new role filling in as the town doctor and all of the mundane trappings that go with the job. Almost to the point of being comfortable, like he is turning into a “native”. However, during a routine annual exam, one of his patients further opens the door on his growing curiosity into the two recent murders in this sleepy little town of Patience USA. After a quick check in with his nurse, he sets off to the library to do a bit of research hoping that might give him a little insight and ease his mind. What he finds there does just the opposite.

Meanwhile, we slip back into the past to the discovery of his crashed space ship by “Them”. What will happen next, no one quite knows, we will have to wait for the next issue of Resident Alien, and I for one can’t wait!

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