GI Club Meetings for April 2014

Time: Thursdays at 7pm PST/8pm MST/9pm CST/10pm EST Location: “GamerIndepth” clubhouse on PlayStation Home* *send club join request or XMB-PSN message to “GamerIndepthClub”   Standing Agenda (times listed as PST: MST +1 CST +2 EST +3) 7:00 – 7:05pm Opening Statement and Greetings 7:05 – 7:35pm Weekly Discussion Topics...
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Will PlayStation Home be on the PS4?

I finally got around to posting my opinion about this controversial question yesterday to the forums earlier in the week: http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-Home/Home-on-PS4/m-p/43058219#M1352378 What are your thoughts? Will Home be on PS4? Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely. Even as an avid PS Home user who loves the PS Home Community very...
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GI Club Meetings for March 2014

Time: Thursdays at 7pm PST/8pm MST/9pm CST/10pm EST Location: “GamerIndepth” clubhouse on PlayStation Home* *send club join request or XMB-PSN message to “GamerIndepthClub”   Standing Agenda (times listed as PST: MST +1 CST +2 EST +3) 7:00 – 7:05pm Opening Statement and Greetings 7:05 – 7:35pm Weekly Discussion Topics...
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GI’s First Radio Cast on PST Community Radio

Last Friday which was also Valentine’s Day, GamerIndepth’s first radio cast began playing on PS Talent Community Radio, which can be heard on PST’s Junkmobile sofa on PS Home. The show was hosted by Michael aka pob190 and featured guests Legendary_Aurora and sogirlflybynight.  The show lasted only a few minutes, but presented opinions on...
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TSFRJ’s Review of VEEMEE’s Stunt Vehicles for PS Home

Our very own TJ aka the “PS Home Conductor” or  the “LBP Train Guy” created this great review of the new “Stunt Show” Mini Vehicle LMOs for PlayStation Home by VEEMEE. I’m sure many of you will get a kick out of the intro of the video with Magnus. Magnus,...
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GI Club Meetings for February 2014

Time: Thursdays at 7pm PST/8pm MST/9pm CST/10pm EST Location: “GamerIndepth” clubhouse on PlayStation Home* *send club join request or XMB-PSN message to “GamerIndepthClub”   Standing Agenda (times listed as PST: MST +1 CST +2 EST +3) 7:00 – 7:05pm  Opening Statement and Greetings 7:05 – 7:35pm   Weekly Discussion Topics (see...

GI Club Meeting on 1/30/2014

Location:  “GamerIndepth” clubhouse on PlayStation Home* Time:         7pm PST/8pm MST/9pm CST/10pm EST *Send join request to “GamerIndepth” clubhouse or send XMB message to “GamerIndepthClub” AGENDA 7:00 - 7:05pm   Open Meeting, Greet New People 7:05 - 7:30pm   Member Feedback and Club Business 7:30 - 7:50pm   PSN Store and HOME Updates 7:50 - 7:55pm   Announcements...
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Lockwood Update for July 30th 2012

Support Endangered Species in PlayStation®Home If you love your wildlife as much as you love your companions in Home, you’ll be pleased to know that for every purchase of the Rare Species Pack, $1 will be donated to The Red Endangered Animal Connection Trust (REACT). REACT is a charity...
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PlayStation Home nDreams: Blueprint Release Date

nDreams most recent endever inside of Home, Blueprint will be released  in SCEA, SCEE and SCEAsia regions and Wednesday 8th will see it released in SCEJ. What is Blueprint Home? It’s a taste of “Play Creat Share” inside of PlayStation Home. For the first time users are given tools to create...
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How to do Free to Play in Home.

The following is an opinion post, the views expressed do not reflect Gamer Indepth, advertisers, users, or staff they are solely those of the author.  The free to play market is booming on PC, with tons of games like League of Legends, Tribe Ascend, ABP, DC Universe, Team Fortress 2, and more pushing thousands of units...
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nDreams – Blueprint: Plus Exclusive Screenshots!!!

In PlayStation Home you can customise your avatar to look however you want. With Apartments you are able to decorate pre-built spaces with items and furniture. But wouldn’t it be nice to design your own apartment from scratch? Blueprint: Home from nDreams will allow you, for the very first...
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BIGYAMA Furniture Bundle Give Away Drawing

Thanks everyone for entering, congratulations to the winner!
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BIGYAMA Furniture Bundle Give Away

Happy Humpday Homeys! I only have one code for the US Region this time around, but very similar to the last CodeGlue U Love Green give away, all you need to do is post a comment telling us why you like BIGYAMA’s Furniture Bundle and we will drop your name in...
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Bigyama Furniture Release for June 20th

This is Bigyama’s first furniture collection modestly titled ‘The Bigyama Ultimate Furniture collection’. There are six different furniture sets each with a unique style. Everything from the Captain’s Collection, a Forthstar inspired furniture set with bold blues and a decadent feel, to the comfort and coziness of the Snug...
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PlayStation Homes/VEEMEEs No Mans Land Walk Through

The team here at GamerIndepth all agree that No Mans Land, PlayStation Home’s new competitive 3rd person shooter is “ground breaking and arguably the most impressive experience ever to hit the platform!” Here is a walk through video of what we experienced during our preview.
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nDreams Aurora Reaches 1,000,000 Players in PlayStation Home

Farnborough, Hampshire, UK – June 12th 2012 Digital publisher nDreams is pleased to announce that Aurora, one of the first free-to-play console games, has now had more than one million unique players. The floating archipelago launched last year in the PlayStation Home virtual world, which is exclusive to the...
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GamerIndepth Club E3 Meeting Pics

pic 5-31-2012 Host: quasar338. standard meeting agenda, talked about  E3 coming to home, ps store and home updates, and the end of errors. no new members. pic 6-07-2012         Host: quasar338. not many updates to home because of E3 so we did a 30-min short meeting then took everyone...
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The Demo for Mercia: Fractured Realms Launches Today!

We’ve seen some awesome stuff come out of Lockwood’s camp in the past, but it seems as though PSHome’s Power House is switching its focus from Post Apocalyptic to Medieval with their new RPG Mercia. Be sure to come by the PlayStation Home Virtual E3 Booth to check it out later...
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PlayStation Home top10 sales for the Month of May

Here we are again, analyzing the top 10 sales in PSHome trying to figure out what HomeHeads are spending their hard earned $$$ on! Sometimes we’re shocked, but this month I think everyone in the community knew who was going to take the gold. But first, the runners up!...
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Codeglue U Love Green Give Away Drawing

Congratulations to all of the winners! You will be receiving your code in the email that you posted with shortly.  
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MIB Has Landed On Home!

We all know how much I love Home, and every Wednesday is a new adventure in exploration and of course SHOPPING! For weeks now I have been totally excited about the new MIB items LOOT has unveiled, and when it finally hit the NA market I was stoked! Not...
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The GE 501st Stormtrooper Home Club is holding a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish…

The GE 501st (a Stormtrooper club on PS3 Home) is holding a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish in memory of Katie Johnson. Please pass the word and any donation would be greatly appreciated. For more info on the GE 501st, please goto www.facebook.comGE501st or www.EmpireStrikesHome.com.
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Lockwood Publishing-Spring Collection

This the final installment in the Drey Spring Collection – including Giftable variations. Kaleidoscope Colors from Drey this week with bright, fun and comfortable tailored designs. Ladies can stand up and be counted in the gravity defying Ultra Wedge Heels and the Dewdrop Earrings can add a splash of...
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Boris Bike_384x684

More MIB Goodies From LOOT!

You gotta love LOOT!  They bring us some great stuff for Home, and the new Men In Black releases rock the house! If you managed to visit the new MIB space that was released in the UK during last week’s update, you know what I mean.  Not only did...
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