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Like any other gaming website, GamerIndepth is always looking for the next
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report back to our subscribers. 
We wholeheartedly support the recent merge in comics and video game
cultures by reviewing comics right along with games. We feel that a comic book
run in between video game iterations are a great way to keep the IP relevant and to
retain interest in the game.
This is our dedicated team!

Lauren Guiliano
Senior Editor
Twitter: @LugeyPS3
Email: luge@gamerindepth.com
James Carr
Blog Manager
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Bernarde Parker
Executive Editor
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Jared Hippensteel
PR Manager
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Michelle Lilo
Community Manager
Twitter: @YowsahsItsMeesh
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Kyler Boone
Web Design
Twitter @kbvisual
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Cedric Ng
Twitter: @pizzazzface

Aaron Moore
Community Program Specialist
Twitter: @T3hF0x
Email: tempest@gamerindepth.com


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